Have you ever thought about the effect your voice has upon your children’s lives? Check out Dr. Tracey Marks’ video about the importance of a mother’s voice. Enjoy!

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19 comments on “The Power of a Mom’s Voice by Dr. Tracey Marks”

    • Tracey, I loved this video because it resonated with me. Now I’m going to keep it real and be honest because I raise my voice at my nineteen month old when he doesn’t listen. he keeps doing bad stuff over and over again. What should i do? Should I speak normally? I feel so bad, but that feels like the only time he listens…

      I love your work and I will continue to promote it!

      Be blessed!

  1. i beg to differ…my moms voice caused alot of stress….lol i love her, but she makes me nervous

  2. You know, some had a Father and Mother. But some didn’t, so who made it…I did, because my Mother knew I was going to make it, it was faith in God and love in her heart that may the different. Faith and Love.

  3. Yes that Mother’s Voice. So Clamming. Iam So Thankful I Still Have Her. I Remember Her Holding me in Her Loving Arms When I Lost My Daddy almost Ten Years ago. Her Voice So Sweet. Let Me Know everthing will Be Alright. At 43 I Felt Like A Lil Child holding On To My Mommy.Thank God For My Mother.

  4. I most tell you honestly that it becomes more and more difficult for me to really remember my mother voice clearly she is gone for almost 13 years and sometimes its hard to really know the sound of here voice dont know if this is strange? but i wouldt love to hear here voice once more

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