Last week was communion Sunday at church. I considered going to all three services just to get some guilt free bread and cracker carbs.

 For 6 months I have been carb cycling. Four days of the week I seriously limit my carbohydrate intake.  And by seriously, I mean my carbs those days come primarily from vegetables. On hard weight lifting days I add complex carbs to my diet. What does this mean? It means I haven’t had but a handful of slices of bread since October. And these past few weeks I have had serious carb cravings!

 At church I may only get a tiny piece of the body of Christ, but I tell you those carbs are like heaven.

Has carb cycling been worth the sacrifice of no Dave’s Killer Bread?  I’ve lost 13 pounds and 6.5” from my belly, so yes, for me its working.  But has the carb cycling been the key to loss of body fat?  Imagine me shrugging.  I like to think that eliminating simple carbs (think white and processed) and eating complex carbs (think dark, colorful and crunchy) is contributing to my success, but I do know there are lean and beautiful women bodybuilders who eat oatmeal every morning.  I notice because I long for their breakfast.

The thing with nutrition and fitness is that everyone has an opinion on what works best to reduce body fat, and bread is often the center of the controversy.

In the 70’s The Bread Diet was popular. Every other day all you ate was bread and water. But there was one problem; constipation. Makes sense, because remember how you made paste in grade school? Yep, flour and water. Imagine coating your bowels with paste.

And there are still “experts” who claim bread builds a big booty. Hmm…I was cursed with my mother’s flat butt, and adding bread back to my diet would be easier than squats and dead lifts.

Some diets suggest eating bread a half hour before your meal to fill you so you’ll eat less. Some diets say no bread at all.  Some say wheat bread is okay, but only whole wheat not wheat flour.  

  Confused yet?

The best rule of thumb is to stick with complex carbs and watch serving sizes.  The Food Pyramid at offers the tip to make half the grains you eat whole grains. Visit their site for interactive tools with personalized food plans (even special ones for moms and kids), food trackers, and menu planners.

The key to any nutrition plan is personalization.  We were each created uniquely so while carb cycling works for me it may not work for you.  Weight lifters need different nutrients than runners.  My dietary needs are different from my 20 year old daughter’s.  Visit MyPyramid, get advice from those who engage in similar activities, hire a trainer, or speak to a nutritionist and with commitment and dedication you will find success in healthy living.

But, no matter what you choose, I do recommend avoiding the bread and water diet.

Have you ever tried carb cycling? Have you ever eaten bread to make your booty bigger? Have you ever eaten bread to make your tummy flatter? Were you successful? What is the craziest diet you ever attempted?

Stay strong!


After Melinda Patton’s daughter moved away to college, she decided she had no more excuses keeping her from being in shape.  Three years and 55 pounds ago she began a journey to become spiritually and physically strong and in the process discovered her passion and purpose in forging faith and fitness.  She is now studying for her Personal Training certification and manages a facebook page called Strength for the Journey; Forging Faith and Fitness. Through her page, she encourages and empowers others to create strong and healthy bodies for Christ.









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40 comments on “I LOVE BREAD by Melinda Patton”

  1. I haven’t heard of that LOL! But, it may be true.
    I just pick n choose days I won’t have it. It’s hard for me really….but just mind of matter. I know it’s only for a day. At most, I may do a few days at a time but no set schedule 😉

  2. Good timing, Shalena, as I am sitting here eating a heaping bowl of oatmeal and with no workout in site! I’m supposed to only eat carbs around workouts. I read on another site today that we need to think of food as fuel, not friend. These past couple weeks food has been my BEST friend! And in looking in the mirror, I think it’s going straight to my butt (which is okay by me) and my belly (which is NOT okay!) ~ Melinda

  3. WoW!..I’m not a bread eater maybe I need to start cuz I’m flat as ever!..I have butty do: Belly stick out more than Butty Do?…LMBO

  4. Melinda– I think it’s all about moderation, too. There’s nothing like a good sandwich or salad with a good piece of bread to go with it after a workout. People don’t realize it, but not all whole wheat bread is whole wheat. One time I spent over 15 minutes looking for whole wheat bread. Most of it said enriched whole wheat which is not actually whole wheat. There was only one brand of real whole wheat. I also heard whole wheat bread makes your tummy flatter because it fills your stomach up. I need to gte back into shape and start eating better. I had a spinach salad last night that was DYNAMITE. It was like my body was craving for it. I need a great workout class, too. I want a dance class with a dance routine, not necessarily Zumba. I miss dancing. I have so much energy that I need to do somethign with. MUST FIND DANCE CLASS.

  5. You should try walking/power walking /jogging an running. Nothing and I do mean nothing Cause I have tried it all, has kept me at my ideal weight like running an power walking.
    works like magic. Going for my 3 1/2 mile shortly. Then later gonna hit the floor and work my ABS and legs(inner thighs to be exact).

  6. @Aysha– If you look at the ingredients of bread, especially the first four ingredients, if it lists enriched wheat flour– then that’s not whole wheat even though it says whole wheat on the front. I’m sure Janice can explain more though.

  7. I have been on a low Carb lifestyle for many years – about 9 to b exact. At first I cut all breads out my diet for about 4 years. Then I slowly added it back on occasion such as: holidays, cookouts, or dinning out. Now its portion control a…nd moderation. I still don’t eat breads on a daily basis. And I also switched to the whole grains – breads an crackers. It wasn’t easy at first, I was one who ate bread at least twice a day. FYI – I will on occasion, when burgers are on the menu, Eat the Burger on half a bun…. and forgo the other half. I don’t throw it out, I always save it for another time! Also, I switched from white rice to brown, now that took some getting used to. White taste better without a doubt, However, sometimes I’ll combine the two.

  8. @Shalena I have been taking care of this body for 15 yrs. Starting out bench pressing, then cardio. Etc I just love how eating right And working out make me feel. And I must admit, love the way my clothes fit… nothing is worse then having a closet full of clothes but feeling fat Im everything. Believe me I still have use “feeling fat” days. But not often LOL We are our worst critic anyway. So staying fit helps in That area as well.

    • I might also add. Shalena and Aysha – you ladies look good already! Great skin from what I can see. You’re already working with something wonderful. Have a good day ladies!

  9. And I am not saying one must be pencil thin (no offense to those that are), to be healthy, feel great, and look Good in those jeans…LOL a lil genuwine coming out. But you can look good and, feel great with some changes to your lifestyle. …Not only do You feel better when you eat right and exercise, but,
    You have the nutritional benefits
    (which helps in our fight against
    diseases like cancer, heart,
    diabetes). Another perk that
    most women love is You look so
    much younger your skin (face in
    general), looks amazing. I can
    always tell just by looking at a
    person if the workout, or eat
    right, get plenty of water etc the face tells everything – along with the eyes. Even our fingernails tell a story of our diet and nutrition, mainly whether we are getting enough vitamins or not. I could go on. But, I’ll stop now. Fitness and nutrition is my passion. Has been for 15 yrs!

      • @Shalena, you asked Janice about good vitamins…my trainer has me taking a multi-vitamin (no specific brand), BCAAa (5 g 4 x day – which I get most of in my whey protein as it is already added in), flax seed or fish oil caplets, and then …I also take creatine (5 gr before and after workouts.) In addition I take glucosamine (for joint health) and lysine (which is good for skin/lip health – I get a fever blister first time I’m out in the sun every year…uggghh!) My trainer gave me the option of also including fat burner…but I decided against it. I wanted to create healthy diet habits rather than rely on something artificial.

      • Oh…and if that isn’t all enough, vitamin D (especially since I live in the cloudy/rainy Pacific NW!)

  10. Wow. IAM 95 Pounds My Nurse told me to eat lot of Bread. My Husband Eat Healthy. Fish.mostly. I Love Seafood. No fryed food. Lol before the Good Eatting I was A Nice Size 105. For my 4″11 Body. Now it is Hard to get back in My Size 7. Hope the Bread help!

    • @MsDebbie– I hear drink Ensure helps you to gain more weight. Maybe you should also strength train to build muscle. It helps with your bones, too. Just a suggestion. I wish I could give you some of my weight. I’m mostly muscle though. If I could, I would. You wouldn’t even have to ask!

      • Yes.My Dr. Told me to do the Ensure. I do. But Not Like I Should. Iam an Emotional Eater.My is when to much going on I eat once A Day.

  11. yes bread can be unfavorable…….especially when your mom can make some of the best homemade rolls in the world……smh and sml…

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