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Greetings from Full Figured & Fabulous! This week’s topic is….drum roll please….DENIM! Some full figured women hate the idea of wearing jeans and others just can seem to find the right fit. Well, I ‘m here to share a few secrets of my own. I LOVE Denim…but finding the right fit can be a journey within itself.  Another demon is finding jeans at an affordable price. LAWD knows, I’m frugal and I absolutely would kill for a deep discount! I can help you with that also; there’s no reason to break that bank to look fabulous!

What I’ve noticed over the years for my quest for the perfect fitting plus sized jeans is two things:

1)      The more expensive the jeans the worse they fit.

2)      Jeans with a hint of spandex seems to ALWAYS get the job done.

I never buy jeans from stores such as Lane Bryant, The Avenue & Ashley Stewart. While I like all of these stores for different reasons, denim is just not their strong point. What I’ve learned is that they tend to make their jeans with a little extra space in the front …in other words a “tummy pocket”.  Yes, I know I’m a big girl but I don’t need my jeans to remind me of that. They tend to make you look frumpy and for the most party just plain ole sloppy.

While jeans from stores such as Torrid are hip and fun, their just plain took expensive. Why should I have to pay $58.00 for a pair of jeans? They’re not designer and for that price, the need to be trimmed in gold. My favorite all time place to buy plus sized jeans is the Deb Shop! They offer denim in sizes 14-24 and guess what? They don’t have “tummy pockets” Yayyyyy!!!! Also, their priced at just about $35.00 a pair! What a score!  For the most part, they usually have a sale; either 19.99 a pair or buy 1 get 1 50% off. The colors/washes they have are hip and up to date. I myself love the ones that are frayed in the knee and thigh area. They fit your curves perfectly and give off the same effect as the $58.00 pair from Torrid.  

In my book, jeans are like a just like a good bra, you can’t get enough of them. If you find a brand that fits you the way you like: buy them, buy them all…even if they are the same color. Obsessive, maybe but as a full figured woman, we all know that decent clothes at affordable prices come few and far between. So there is goes…Denim from Full Figured & Fabulous! Remember the old saying, “Ain’t nobody but a dog wants a bone!” Live and love life! Be beautiful, be comfortable in your skin and most important love yourself for who you are not who you want think you should be!


Anya Nicole

The Creator of Expensive Trash Couture (ETC)

**To purchase denim from the Deb shop, please follow the link below:


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  1. I’m so glad you wrote this article because I think women of all sizes have problems fidning the right pair of jeans. I’m very short, so I run into jeans being too long. I also don’t have hips or a butt so finding jeans that stay in place is a problem for me. I found a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans a few months agao and they worked for me. They had elastic in them.

  2. @Nicole– LOL! Isn’t that the shape so many women want? LOL! What kind sof jeans does Kim Kardashian wear? Do you know? I knwo that they have a clothing line which seems affordable. It’s called K-Dash. I saw them on QVS a few times. Maybe they have a jean collection, too. I just think jeans are sooo tricky!

  3. I don’t know about the women wanting it..I know the men seem to and that just started happening recently..LOL It took me a while to appreciate my body and that didn’t happen until I let it get out of hand. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence until you see their water bill. I always felt so awkward in jeans because they never fit right.

  4. @ Nicole-Apple Bottom jeans are made for the KK’s in mind. Also, Beyonce has jeans as well that are made with small waists in mind!

  5. Yes…major probs finding the right jeans 4 me! Unfortunately don’t have Nicole’s problem. I have long legs, not hippy & don’t have a big ole booty so I need jeans that help in these areas. 🙂

  6. I have a pair of skinny jeans I like. Also just recently found some reg jeans I like as well.

  7. Yes, i am having that prob this morning… Big butt N hips.. tryin to find the right kind can be challenging….

  8. @Christine– Try the Deb Shop. I provided the link in my article. This is a very affordable selection. They have frayed jeans with the cut outs in the knees and great denim washes. No body wants to wear “fat girl” jeans–LOL! I also get jeans from Ross, but you have to try them on. But I will say this, he more spandex, the more they fit.

  9. @ ETC, I haven’t tried old navy in a while. I bought some skinny jeans from Marshalls that I like & Target has some good jeans also!

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