this piece makes me wanna say sorry 4 the people that hurt u …U still write(no matter what) so please trust that god still has a plan 4 u
young gurl thick body and she got a sultry sway
but no one took the time 2 figure out how she got this way 
emotional scars that will heal Lord willing in time
it takes a strong minded person 2 take a peak in her mind
her feet have walked places that others will never b blessed 2 go
her life’s cross 2 bare is… all she been through and has help her obtain her flow
her heart skips beats 2 a song in her head- tha lyrics were composed 2 bless
not 2 lure her 2 bed 
only a sick human could do what they did ….
but i know your precious heart is big…and i pray u forgive 
it’s a ticking bomb 2 hold on a pain such as this
it’s like holding a M-80 tight closed in ya fist

the devil saw u 4 what God had intended
u have had many setbacks it seems…yet ya life is splendid

u might never see it if u don’t walk with Christ
i 2 have a story of past pain and strife
but i had 2 learn it does not rule my life !!!
the enemy wanted u 2 forsake God from the very start

if he attacked ya faith and ya testimony then surely he has done his part
but ya stronger than u know look at ya life through Gods luving eye’s
close ya ears 2 the devil and all his counterfeit lies
see he only goes after the ones that r blessed
them( meaning u) have one hell of a test
but u can’t do it alone Christ has 2 b in the mix
u sound like ya tired…u sound like ya sick of it

all the sadness- all the questions and the crying out “God why me”
how could this have happened in a church no less …Lord cant u see”
that all I wanted 2 do was live my happy life
im still young and i wonder why did i get hit with such blight?
i feel deep down inside that a part of u still believes
but first all that weight u carry around….ya gonna need relief

now i can’t offer u anything that’s false meaning all i offer is real
see u like me as well as others have indulged in some sort of a cheap thrill
But God knew how 2 rope me back in and that’s how i know you’ll b fine
he had a masterpiece when making u ..perfection was on his mind 
i wish i could go on and on but miss missy i think I’m bout through

by E-Vonn Harrison

© 2011, Shalena D.I.V.A.- Author| Speaker| Life And Business Coach. All rights reserved.

10 comments on “A LETTER TO MY LIL’ SISTAH by E-Vonn Harris”

  1. Evonn Harrison wrote a powerful piece! There r many young women that need to read that poem! I’m mentoring a young female intern funeral director who has lost both her parents(1 less than a year ago) & her punk ass boyfriend ran to his family with problems she didn’t know they had & the family tried to jump her. She recently had to relocate because he left his responsibilities on her shoulders! I hear her out & give her strength & encouragement on a regular basis! I tend to up lift all intern funeral directors I encounter but I have a special interest in the young ladies that come into a male dominated profession. I join u in embracing our youth! Well done Evonne.

  2. @Gene–wasn’t that an awesome poem! I also appreciate your efforts, too. It’s important for young women to have big brothers in their lives. I have some big brothers, both biological and non-biological and i benefit from our friendships!

  3. Good Lord! One intern is 23 years old & thought I wanted to get with her! LOL. I sat her down & told her I’m one of the few that doesn’t want any “girl” that young! I want a “woman”!! After we got thru laughing & her saying she felt embarrassed I told her ” ur cute but u aint that bad!”. We laughed some more. Til this day I’m trying toi help this girl get to where she wants to be. Afterwards I thought it was sad that she thought she would have to surrender her body to get help! What a messed up world we live in! This must happen too often in a young lady’s life! Its sickening. I told her she can call me her “Young father in funeral service”.

  4. yes i like this…just today my mom and i gave some hope to some young girls and gave a tip to a hard working girl at a restaurant…giving them hope and appreciating that they try to live honestly and best way they can will encourage them that it (life) will get better

  5. I like this discussion. Having a mentor truly enriches a young person’s life. Women in particular need to have persons without ulterior motives who can guide them on a path that can benefit them inthe future. Being part of an Environmental Group that has a lot of young persons, I am going to create the opportunity to groom these young persons and impact their lives… give them insight into the various opportunities that life offers… influence a vision of what their future could be and avoid the teen pregnancy and other nonsense that goes on in our communities!!!

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