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My name is Felicia. I am the mother of a wonderful 7 -year -old boy with autism. He was born severely premature only weighing 1lb and 7 oz!! “Is he alive, does he have fingers, can he breath?” I asked the nurse because as a first time “mom” I had no idea that a child could live being born so small. I devote my life to him. Through my son, God has shown me how to love like never before. I must say, that I never wanted children for myself. My mother had me at 17, and for most if not all of her life she was addicted to drugs, (heroine, crack, weed, alcohol) you name it, she did it. She had schizophrenia which I believe was brought on by the drugs. She died from AIDS two years ago. She was never able to take care of me or my sister and brothers. I never felt loved and was teased as a child for not having a mother.  I carried this with me for most of my life and just did not want children.

There were days in the hospital when I thought my son wouldn’t survive, but God spared his life.  Although the road has been tough, my son has showed me the power of love, God’s undying love. Who knew that I had so much love to give?

I would love to win a dress to show my son how lovely he makes me feel. I am truly a reflection of his love for me. It makes me feel so beautiful!

Please VOTE for me by pressing the star rating at the bottom of this post! Every vote counts so please vote for me.

I REALLY want to win a dress.

Felicia has a chance to win a dress like this:

[cincopa AIOAkm6nafMr]

 Would YOU like to win a dress like this, too? What you’ve seen is only a sample of the kinds of dresses you can win! It doesn’t matter how big or small you are! It doesn’t matter where you live! You can win a dress and we’ll send it to you.

How to win a dress:


  • Send a picture of yourself and  why you should win a dress to
  • We will create a post for you just like this one so all of your family and friends can vote for you. 
  • The woman who gets the most votes and comments for her entry on will be a winner for that week.
  • There will be new contests each week. Winners are announced every Thursday and notified by email.

In addition to winning a dress, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A personalized team of stylists who will find the perfect dress for you after they take your preferences into consideration
  • The style team will also give you tips to spruce up your wardrobe and accessorize your dress.

Only one dress per woman and you can only win once. If you don’t win one week, you still have a chance to win by having people continue to vote for you. Good luck!  

 Sponsor this campaign!

Please contact us. This is a wonderful and affordable opportunity for small businesses and causes. Click here to contact us! 


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  1. OMG!! I should have put some make~up on!!! Lol……thanks shalena and gud luck to all the ladies…….:)

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