Rasheda Stewart, was born in Weiden, Germany and grew up in San Antonio, TX and Delaware. While working full-time and pursuing her second Master’s Degree, (Marketing Management), she founded Rapunzel, LLC in 2010.  She was motivated by a fascination with the qualities and beauty of hair, along with a deep frustration with the mixed messages and inaccurate information propagated by the hair care industry. Energized by her frustration, she consulted with local licensed salon professionals who were unable to provide any accurate information that would allow her to grow her hair past her shoulders. Shocked, disappointed, and even more aggravated, she was determined to find the solutions to the historical and never-ending problem of Black hair growth. After extensive reading and researching to educate herself regarding the actual truths about hair, she developed a deep desire to put an end to the myths, misinformation and inaccurate perceptions that certain ethnic groups are unable to grow hair past their shoulders.

 After founding Rapunzel, she developed and began producing a new and amazing line of hair care products, carefully designed to promote hair health and growth. These products, coupled with a policy of providing sound advice and educational information through use of various media, would quickly place Rapunzel’s clients well on their way to their goals of achieving beautiful and healthy hair. Through Rapunzel’s educational program and steady use of their products, Rasheda and her team have begun making an impact in weaning African American women from the unhealthy practices and expensive addiction to wigs, braids, and weaves.

Rapunzel, LLC is continually researching and learning in order to grow and fulfill the dream of providing a sensible, affordable, and informative pathway to the option of allowing all women to “let down their hair!”

 We interviewed Rasheda for this edition of women entrepreneurs and here are her answers on life and Rapunzel, LLC!

 Please list a quote or motto you live by and state why.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”- Harriet Tubman

I believe that every great thing was accomplished and started with one person believing that it could happen. If YOU believe YOU have the power to change the world.  Always remember that you have within you the strength, patience and the passion to make your dream(s) come true.

I plan to make a difference in the way we care for our hair and possibly change the world too!

Describe your business. List location, phone number, website. Are you or your business on Facebook? Twitter? Linked In? Please list.

Rapunzel is a new and amazing line of hair care products, carefully designed to promote hair health and growth.  These products, coupled with sound advice and education are designed to help women reach their goals in achieving long healthy, strong and natural hair by introducing new, yet proven methods in treating dry, brittle or otherwise damaged hair.

Our number one goal is to help African American Women reach their goals in achieving long, healthy, strong and naturally beautiful hair by scientifically developing new and healthy ways to care for their hair.


P.O. Box 445
Bear, DE  19701-0445
Telephone:  1-800-818-3397
Website:  http://www.rapunzelthefutureofhair.com

facebook:  Ra pun zel
Twitter:  Rapunzel_llc

What motivated you to open your own business?

I was motivated by the mixed messages and inaccurate information propagated by the hair care industry.  I wanted to show African American Women that we too could have long hair down our backs just like Asian, Hispanic, Indian and Caucasian women.  I want to see the world filled with beautiful African American Women with healthy hair!

Did you have any initial fears or concerns that you had to overcome when opening your business?

My initial concern was how would I get the money to fund my company, but that didn’t stop me from making moves when it was time to GO!

How did you develop your concept?

I did a lot of research on hair and how to care for it.  I then started formulating in my kitchen and launched 2 products.

How much capital did you need to get started? Did you use any creative funding sources?

I started with the bare minimum. I purchased everything that I needed to start, which was under $100.  I did not get a loan nor do I have any investors.

How do you market your business? Do you use any creative marketing strategies?

Social media, trade shows, Rapunzel Parties, internet, radio, magazine ads, brochure distribution on a daily basis and word of mouth.

How do you manage employees if any?

We currently do not have employees only volunteers.

What are some of your day to day struggles as a business owner?

My biggest struggle is working my 9-5 job and running my own business.  I’m also currently finishing up my last class for my 2nd Master’s Degree.  Juggling the 3 is very challenging.

What brings you the most joy from your work?

It is an absolute pleasure to assist women all around the world by helping them achieve their hair goals.  I loooooooooooove hearing how much our customers love our products and more importantly seeing them reach their goals when they share their before and after pictures.

How do you balance work life and family? Do your work demands affect your relationships?

Unfortunately, I do not have that problem at the moment. I am single with no kids. 😉

Any advice you’d like to offer to anyone interested in your line of work?

Success leaves clues.  Study and align yourself with those that have come before you!!! Learn how to mimic their success.  

Would you like to offer a promotion to the readers? If so, please list.

Raunzel would like to offer FREE shipping to Shalena D.I.V.A.’s readers!! This is an EXCLUSIVE offer to your readers only. Please visit us at http://www.rapunzelthefutureofhair.com to receive free shipping on your order. Discount code: shalenadiva2011

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  1. I have been wearing weave for a very long time, since i was a teen and now im 31 so u do the math. I think that i am embarrassed by the length and how unhealthy it will look if i begin to go natural. I would def. love to have my OWN long and natural hair. Its hard though anyway i would love some more info on this product and some of the routines used to have better hair. ..I see the pics and the are nice BEFORE and after , but my hair is far from that. I probably could manage a ponytail, nothing free and flowing like the pics i see.

  2. Angie, I will recommend more products. You see, I want to help you all find great natural products. I want you all to find sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Rapunzel has a GREAT deep conditiiner. I have some suggestions for sulfate free shampoos. I also have suggestions for moisturizers, deep conditioners, natural oils, and prepoos. The avocado is a hair mask or prepoo. Its not tough, but you have to develop a regimen. Feel me? I will also suggest protective styling. I have you guys covered. Trust me, OK???? I’m so excited.

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