Ladies, isn’t it good to know that you can make your booty more shapely? Believe it or not, you can sculpt your body to look how you want it to look. With some work, you can turn your flat booty into a work of art!

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26 comments on “Easy BOOTY Workout You can do at Home”

  1. I was talking to a young woman who had just come from a hotel room getting injections to enhance her butt even though her friend had just been there a week ago and died from the injections Is it worth it — Cause in the end its your character that counts not your looks

  2. I actually do this workout video every other morning and believe me you will FEEL IT!! I don’t care what men say they like a big butt and a I have learned to embrace my curvaceousness and that includes my butt. I remember when I was younger I was so self conscious about it and guys would constantly make comments about my butt and I wasn’t really all that comfortable with it and back then I don’t think big butts were in, now I see women killing themselves trying to get one.

  3. Quick Fix – Instant gratification — Those things can cause a civilization to become extinct

  4. its overrated….im captivated by the beauty and mystrey that lies within the heart of a woman. Love doesnt have a face or a butt. If the woman happens to be a knock out thats just a plus.

  5. I’ll answer the question, I think you wanted a perspective on men’s opinions! Well the first thing a man notices is the physical! Long before that let me get to know your mind ish! So in keepin it real this man loves to look at a woman with a big round future behind her!(nicely proportioned to size)ijs sn Shay you’re guilty of commiting one of your pet peves…. In your topic you used thier….or are you keeping us on our toes?

  6. guys,dont deceive yourselves…you might tilt towards,character first,physical next…but,you still are the same people who lustfully side-glance at a hot body walking by even when you’re with miss ”character first”…

  7. It’s a man’s natural instincts to notice the physical aspects of a woman but the reason this topic exists is because women want to compete for men’s attention and affections and also to be desired by every man she comes in contact with instead of being content with what god has given her…..jmo

  8. i dont know…big A girls cant hardly find pants or skirts to fit that big old A…women like me..flat A…are made to feel unendowed..but there was a time when big A girls was not popular…history repeats itself…flat A girls are coming back…lol…men are fickle..they dont know what they like…it takes a confident woman to seduce him in 7 seconds with or without her big old A…if she KNOWS JUST WHAT TO DO…i would only spend money if i wanted a big old A..NOT FOR THESE FICKLED A MEN…men still cheat with women and men who have no A!.

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