On October 23, 2004 my ex-boyfriend came to my house to kill me! After unsuccessfully trying to convince me to come back to him, he pulled out his revolver and shot me in the leg. We tussled for the gun, but eventually, he pinned me face down on the floor, sat on my back, and shot me in the back of my head at point blank range. I would have never thought he would do something like that to me. He was a very quiet, to himself kind of person. He wouldn’t even yell at me and would never call me a bitch. He never slapped, punched or verbally abused me either. So this came as a total shock. We had broken up several times before this happened and I would always go back to him. After he came home from prison he was a different person. He was very suspicious of everything I did. I felt bad for him and I think I stayed in the relationship out of pity. All the people that loved him were gone and I was his last hope! Did I pity him? Yes, I think I did. I wanted him to do everything he needed to get his life on track. He was a strategic basketball player and he could have made it to the pros. I was behind him every step of the way. Were there warning signs? Yes, there probably were ones that I couldn’t see because I was so in love. What you can’t see on the inside, others can see on the outside. Should I have looked at my relationship a little closer? Yes, I should have. Silence speaks loud, too. He wouldn’t even speak to me if I didn’t get him want he wanted and usually it was marijuana. The advice I would like to give other women is to never love someone else more than you love yourself. If you don’t have enough to give yourself, you can’t give it to others. Sometimes it takes women to have a “snap out of it” moment and when I had my moment on October 23, 2004; it was the best and worst day of my life!

Ebony Fletcher, CEO of Ebbies Hair & Nail Salon, Inc. resides in Brooklyn, NY. She’s so glad that she doesn’t look like what she’s been through. You can reach her on Facebook. Her salon’s address is anywhere you are because she can travel to you.

Ebony Fletcher tells her story in Souls of My Young Sisters: (Souls of My Sisters, an imprint of Kensington Publishing; June, 2010; $15.00; trade paperback), written and edited by Dawn Marie Daniels and Candace Sandy with a foreword by Madeline Smalls and Mary J. Blige. She joins sixty contributors who all tell their true stories, sharing their private pain in the hopes that it will inspire other women during difficult times.

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  1. @Shevar–hey! I thinkit’s deeper than that. I think some people think they can’t make it on their own or are so jealous that they don’t want to see their ex’s with other epople. This guy tried to kill this woman and by God’s grace, she survived. How many people do you know of who haev survived a gunshot wound to the head at poitn blank range?

  2. MIND OVER MATTER ~~ GOD CONTINUES TO BLESS YOU! I CAN RELATE TO YOUR STORY TOO! Only that Person Knows Why they Act that Violent.

  3. Shalena I’m not tryna be nobodies victim I was raised to be a strong positive caring person and nobody is taking that away from me…My Uncle was gonna kill that nigga….and yes that is what classifies a nigga…cause I only use that word where it applies beat up women and destroy their lives those are punk niggas! And he turned out to be a dead beat dad 10 kids and I’m like how did he come to this…I was attracted to him for all the right reasons He was a smart outgoing student and athelete in school good home and parents …he catered to my needs for the first couple of years then he went to the military came back a dam fool

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