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Hello! We are on the dawn of a new year which marks the start of fresh plans and new ideas that will bring us closer to our dreams. Over these past few months, we have positioned ourselves to do things really BIG in 2012 and we want to help as many women as we can do the same. However, as we celebrate the coming of a new year, we know that many other women are not. They may be stuck or stagnate in their personal lives or businesses. Being stuck or simply now knowing which step to take next can be very frustrating–we know from personal experience.

It truly breaks our hearts when…

We see a fabulously talented woman with so many gifts, ideas, and dreams in her heart who can’t seem to bring them to fruition. She knows that she has a special purpose and mission that she needs to share with the world. But she can’t get it out in a big way to the people who need her message most. Being so driven, she tries just about everything to make it happen. She studies, reads, and follows all of the “rules”, yet nothing major happens in her life. This endless cycle continues year after year after year. Does this describe you in any way? Can you relate to this frustration? If so, it may not be your fault.You may need a…


NEW set of ideas just for YOU…

The problem with traditional blue prints for success is that they are bland and generic. They lack personality. They are so cookie cutter. It’s easy to understand why people who follow traditional blue prints are so frustrated. The ideas that are presented may work for some, but not all.  Throw away your traditional blue prints for success and replace them with…


Y O U  P R I N T™

The You Print™ is a FREE 2 Part teleseries that helps you to create a guide for success in your business and personal life that is fresh and  unique. Unlike traditional blue prints, the You Print™ is NOT one size fits all because a “one size fits all” approach will not help YOU to bring your unique ideas to life. Why? Because your plans for success should be based upon..

  • YOUR Gifts

  • YOUR Life

  • YOUR Passions

  • YOUR Skills Sets


Let us help you create your



When you sign up for this FREE 2 Part teleseries that will happen on December 13 and December 20, 2011 at 9 PM EST/8 CEN, you will receive:

  • LIVE Coaching
  • RICH Content
  • SMART Strategies
  • FREE electronic copy of our new workbook entitled “YOU are the Answer.” This is the first workbook in the Passion Academy™ Transformational Life Series. It will be delivered to your inbox as soon as you sign up!



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