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I Just had to have a Man Part 2 by Mimi

THE LONELIES TALKING AGAINI arrived back in Philly on Sunday night. I was so miserable during my five and a half hour trip that I completely ignored the passenger sitting next to me trying to make small talk and finally snapped on him just as we touched down in Philly. “Will you shut the hell…

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The Shattered Glass by ShalenaD.I.V.A

In the beginning of most relationships a tremendous amount of time is spent laying a foundation of love and fidelity. When a significant other cheats and gets caught, it wreaks havoc in the relationship and inevitably compromises the sacred bond of trust. After infidelity is exposed, many couples grapple with a myriad of questions such…

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Chasing Love or a Dream by T. Chanel

It started in high school. Chase and I were the best of friends. Sparks would fly when we were together and everyone around us could’ve felt it. Sometimes it seemed as if nothing could’ve come between us, no matter who we were with or what we were doing: playing basketball, playing cards, or hanging with the…

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