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A Woman on the Verge- Final by Devon Greene

The Final Decision It’s been over two years since I found out about my husband’s kids on the side. While anger, resentment, dishonesty, and lack of loyalty have clouded my soul, I’m finally able to forgive. Many of my friends and family have made comments like: “Girl, you’re crazy for staying” or “I would have…

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I just had to Have a Man Part 3 by Mimi

CHANGE Dave and I actually stuck it out for eight months after that fateful phone call. But the first few weeks following the phone call were rough. I didn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I was always on his heels and wondered where he was and what he was doing when…

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Morning Success with Sheri Durricks

“The Purpose Driven D.I.V.A.”  PRESENTS Morning Success Call taught by   Sheri Durricks December 22, 2014- December 26,2014 The Many Faces of Domestic Violence    CLICK ON EACH DAY TO LISTEN TO THAT DAY’S RECORDING. Day 1: Forgiveness    Day 2: Letting Go   Day 3: Know When to Leave   Day 4: Get Connected Day 5: Guard…

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