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M.J.: The Thinker by ShalenaD.I.V.A

I remember the first time I was introduced to Michael Jackson and his music. I was four years old. I was over my Aunt Angie’s house visiting for the afternoon and she told me that she wanted to show me something on her grainy turn-knob television set with aluminum foil wrapped around the antennas. I…

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Michael and Joe by Claudia Atticot

We’ve all seen the tabloids over the past few decades about Michael Jackson’s turbulent relationship with his father, Joe Jackson. The two men had been estranged for many years, until recently. But, there seems to be a story that has yet to be told—the tale of the lost relationship between a father and a son.…

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M.J. and His Money by Kim Allman

“I’ll never betray or deceive you my friend but…If you show me the cash, Then I will take it” – Lyrics from “Money” by Michael Jackson When I agreed to write about Michael Jackson and money, I wasn’t worried about a lack of material to back up a story on his debts and spending habits. …

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