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Nursing Student: Shanella Burton

I’m thirty seven years old. I grew up in Southwest Philadelphia, and currently reside in Northeast Philadelphia. I’m recently divorced with two daughters. After separating from my husband I decided to pursue my dream to become a nurse. My biggest obstacle was worrying about how I was going to work seven days a week, find…

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Nurse: Kia Harris

I was born and raised in the inner city of Philadelphia. I am thankful for a mother that had the insight and vision to know that she had to get me out of the “hood”. I am a graduate of Masterman Middle and High School. I received a great education there and credit the foundation…

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Nursing Student: Reneisha Knight

I grew up in North Philadelphia as a Catholic. I attended Gesu Catholic School and West Catholic High School. I enjoy dancing (ballet, jazz, hiphop) and listening to music. I entered the military straight from high school after being awarded a full scholarship to Penn State. I served my time and am now able to…

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