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Colors of a Butterfly by Lisa A. Gore

I was born and named, but I wasn’t supposed to make it. I was loved and claimed, but still, I wasn’t supposed to make it. I was born In West Philadelphia to a seventeen -year -old girl who had epilepsy, and a father who had a drug, and alcohol addiction. My mother only lived eight…

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The Shattered Glass by ShalenaD.I.V.A

In the beginning of most relationships a tremendous amount of time is spent laying a foundation of love and fidelity. When a significant other cheats and gets caught, it wreaks havoc in the relationship and inevitably compromises the sacred bond of trust. After infidelity is exposed, many couples grapple with a myriad of questions such…

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Morning Success with Kali Ashura

“The Purpose Driven D.I.V.A.” PRESENTS Morning Success Call taught by   Kali Ashura September 29, 2014- October 3,2014 Intentional Intimacy   CLICK ON EACH DAY TO LISTEN TO EACH RECORDING. Day 1: Creating a Selful Life   Day 2: To Thyself Be True   Day 3: Flawless: Own Your Truth   Day 4: The Invitation Day 5: Surrender:…

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