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An Increasing Love

“Someone may be good to you, but are they good for you?” Momma D.I.V.A. My son teaches me so much about life and love. Just the other night as I watched him sleep I thought about how much he has changed my life. I’m more compassionate and braver. For the love of my son, I…

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The Thief in the Night

“Beware of the thief on the street who is after your purse, but be more aware of the thief in your mind who is after your promise.” Jim Rohn Last February I moved into my new apartment. Over the past few months I’ve made a conscious effort to give it my own touch because I…

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Rhonda Green Wants to Win a Dress!

  SHALENA D.I.V.A. “The Purpose-Driven D.I.V.A.” Presents “100 DRESSES” Let’s Bring Classy Back!   My name is Rhonda Green. When I was younger I broke my shoulder/arm so it makes me look like I have VERY wide shoulders.  I think it would be nice for you to pick out a dress for me that would slim…

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