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Save our Men by Cheryl Tyler

Let’s find out what health issues are killing our brothers, and take some drastic measures to help extend their lives! I know this is a blog for women, and 99.9% of what’s written and shared here is by women and for women, but, as women, aren’t we responsible, at least to a major extent, for…

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Backstory:As the battle continued to break the chains of the demons of abuse and control, the final straw came after I was raped one evening. My children were with a sitter and my mother arrived and took them into her care. She informed me I had no visitation or anything until a hearing came due.…

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Chasing Love or a Dream by T. Chanel

It started in high school. Chase and I were the best of friends. Sparks would fly when we were together and everyone around us could’ve felt it. Sometimes it seemed as if nothing could’ve come between us, no matter who we were with or what we were doing: playing basketball, playing cards, or hanging with the…

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