Shalena D.I.V.A.

The Start Up Coach For Online Consultants, Experts & Coaches

Hey, there!! My name is Shalena D.I.V.A. I'm a certified start up coach for consultants, experts and coaches who want to start an online coaching business. 

I am a political science graduate of Duke University and spent 10 years working as a financial institutions underwriter for a Fortune 500 insurance company. Drawing upon these experiences, I use my analytical, consulting, marketing, program building and risk assessment skills to help my clients build an online coaching business.

My step by step, no nonsense instruction helps my clients to create strong personal brands, content marketing and digital products such as webinars, ebooks, online courses and membership sites.

Do you want more accountability and faster results? I'm the queen of fast results because I help my clients create and sell their products in a streamlined way.

My coaching is NOT for the faint of heart. It's for those who truly want to stop playing small, make an impact and get paid!!!

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Content Marketing

Learn to create purposeful content that markets your products and gets you paid.

Personal Brand Development

Learn to create an authentic personal brand that attracts ideal clients and opportunities.

Product Creation

Learn to easily package your knowledge into products you can sell online.


Stories sell. Your ideal client will be attracted to your story. You must learn how to tell it in a way that grabs your ideal client's attention, illustrates how you’ve overcome a particular obstacle and gives them hope.

Your story must also sell your brand, your mission and any products you are offering. Did I tell you that it also has to be engaging, enlightening and entertaining?

I am a masterful storyteller. I have learned how to use my story of leaving a toxic relationship, being homeless for 2 years before rebuilding my life and starting a 6 figure online coaching business. This 1 story has helped me to earn six figures because I used it to position my brand and how I can help my ideal clients.

I am a creative writer and a former drama student. I use these skills to breathe life into any story. I use my marketing skills to weave your personal story in such a way that sells your offerings in a natural way.

As a business owner, you have to learn how to leverage your brand story to position yourself as an expert. You have a story, but you may not realize it yet. That is where I come into the picture.

The Brand Strategy session will help you to become more comfortable sharing your story. It will also help you to discover themes and patterns in your story upon which you can develop content, programs and most importantly the transformation you offer your ideal client.

Your story is what will help you to stand out from your competitors.

When you walk away from a Brand Strategy session, you will have your brand story and brand message upon which you can develop content, products and services. You will have a streamlined message and your unique transformation. BOOM


Many new coaches simply help or mentor people with no branded system. They simply set up sessions and allow the clients to dictate what they need from them. This is not very effective. When you are coaching, you should offer your clients a transformation which is based upon your way of coaching. This is called a Branded Coaching System.

A Brand Coaching System streamlines your client’s transformation process. You’ll know where they will begin when they first start working with you and you’ll create a path to get them to your promised result. When you create a process of steps to help you clients receive results, you’ll help them more effectively.

Think of the “12 Steps Program.” You know that a recovering addict must go through the 12 steps to fully achieve the program’s promised results. You can create a branded system for your coaching business, too.

During your VIP Day, I will help you to create a branded coaching system based your brand story. You will walk away with a brand story,  branded coaching system, signature group coaching program, signature speech, signature workshop and 1 on 1 coaching path.


Brand Message Clarity Session

In this intense session you'll create:

  • UNIQUE brand message
  • Brand story
  • Brand transformation
  • A streamlined product creation process
  • Pre-work required

Virtual VIP Day

Virtual 5 Hour Session Includes:

  • Message/Brand Development
  • Signature Program Created
  • Signature 1 on 1 Package Created
  • Signature Workshop Created
  • Signature Speech Created
  • Content MarketingCreated
  • Pre-work required

Who Is This Type Of Coaching For?


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READY To Stop Wasting Money On "Coaches" Who Cant Help You


READY To Create Your Brand Story That Will Stand Out & Get You Clients

READY To Create Your Coaching Process That Will Transform Lives

READY To Create Your Signature Products & Services That Will Sell

READY To Finally Create Your Products & Services In A Day


READY To Stop Making Excuses & Create The Impact & Income You Know You Deserve


READY To Make A 4 Figure Investment In Your Vision

Brand Message Clarity Testimonials (1)

MYRA GOOD, Financial Coach

"Folks....I needed 24 hrs to SOAK in ALLLLL the information provided in my coaching call with ShalenaDiva Broaster ! So much information given and ways to deliver one message via various outlets (webinars, ebooks, bootcamps, etc). If you are just starting out like MUST get coaching from Shalena. I had started writing my book but after meeting with Shalena I was able to get clarity on my message and now the writing process is much easier!" (2)

DAYNA HINTON, Media Personality

"I just had a DIVA POWER SESSION with Shalenadiva Broaster and OMG!!!!! I knew for so long she was the person I needed to speak to about putting my thoughts and dreams into reality and she DID NOT disappointment! I needed direction with ALLLLLL the things I had in mind that I wanted to do. I wanted to see my vision come to life but had NO IDEA how or where to begin! It's a bit overwhelming when you feel like you have so much purpose but don't know what to do with it!! She heard me out, and in a short period of time made sense of it and gave me a plan that I can accomplish!! She completely understood what I felt was me rambling on about all my passions in life! Lol. I'm so excited to now implement what I've learned, use the resources she's given me, and watch my vision come to life!! Stay tuned!! The best is yet to come!!!" (3)

KALI ASHURA, Empowerment Coach

"Thank you Shalena Broaster for my one-on-one Brand Strategy session. You hooked a sister up.

I have my...

- Marketing plan through December 2018

- Strategy for writing my book

- Development of my Signature Program

- Revenue streams of income

- And so much more

(you have to book your session to find out 🙂 )

You are definitely the purpose-driven DIVA."

SHEYEL RORIE, Virtual Assistant

"While we were working on our USP, Shalena discovered that I had what she called “low hanging fruit”, that skill I could do with little to no effort. She suggested that I become a Virtual Assistant (VA). I had no idea what that was until she described it to me. My skill is administrative support for over 30 years.

I did the research Shalena taught me to do, I studied as much as I could and eventually invested in classes to teach me how to be efficient. So far I have 1 client on retainer and many clients that hire me for small projects. I created my company Virtual Way Professional Services!

I am thankful to Shalena DIVA for believing in me and introducing me to systems that will support me in assisting my clients. Thank you Shalena for being a great teacher and giving me that extra nudge when I needed it."


Virtual VIP Day Testimonials (5)

SARAH WATSON, International Speaker

"When I found Shalena it was during a time when I had a lot of ideas and the drive to execute but I was missing clear directions. Her bootcamp taught me so much but more importantly it gave me more confidence in myself to get things done. If you procrastinate or wait for everything to be just right before you take action on your ideas, then Shalena is a great coach for you! I knew though that I wanted more one on one time so I scheduled a VIP day.

In all the time that I've been working with Shalena I've never once felt overwhelmed. I received so much value from working with her. She is patient, but pushes you just enough to get shit done lol. She encourages you and celebrates all the small wins that lead to the big win that your working towards. But most importantly to me was her integrity and authenticity. She truly wants to see her clients do well and she goes above and beyond to support them on their journey." (6)

APRIL COBB, Life & Business Coach

"My VIP day with Shalena was nothing short of amazing. I began following Shalena on Instragram a year ago. I knew after watching a few of her live teachings, that she was the coach for me. She was not giving out fluff, she was teaching techniques and giving us tools on how to advance your business. I enrolled in her 30 day boot camp, where I learned how to create funnels and webinars. My business began to grow and I was getting noticed. I knew it was time to take my business to the next level and after I prayed about it, I knew Shalena was the one that could get me there.

I scheduled my VIP day and for six hours, Shalena and I strategized on ways to take my business to that next level. I was so amazed and overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge that she poured into me that day. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed but I wasn’t ready to be that blown away. I am launching my online academy for women in October and also in the middle of creating my first published journal.

Shalena didn’t just give ideas, she helped me come up with the steps to get these goals done. I am still benefiting from that one VIP day months later. The investment was worth every penny and more. I am forever grateful to and for Shalena! If you are ready to take your business to the next and new levels book this day, you will not regret it." (1)

KIKUMUA JOHNSON, Credit Coach & Specialist

"I just finished my VIP day with Shalena and omg!!! It was the best experience ever. I am NOT the same person I was before our time together. Shalena put so much time and thought into helping me that I didn't have to ask for anything. Everything was literally written out step by step. She has opened my eyes to so many opportunities I had no idea was even possible in my business like how to properly brand myself as the expert and passionate business woman that I am.

She has introduced me to soooooo much content and even took the time to write it out step by step with me. How many coaches you know will do that? Before working with Shalena my business started to become boring and repetitive and I felt unmotivated at times. Now I am excited and ready I'm to scale my business. 

Since working with Shalena I am in the process of writing my first book, hosted my.very first workshop,  and sold (3) $997 packages that we created during the vip day. My social media audience and email list  have grown because she taught me how to connect with my followers.

I had an amazing experience with Shalena at my VIP day. The time and  value she shared with me is worth way more than what she charges for it. I would have paid double for the info I got from her. She is the GOAT forreal 🙌"